Small-Business Employment Law Guide

You may download from this NFIB website:

"A free publication from the U.S. Department of Labor [that] helps small-business employers understand their rights and responsibilities under federal employment laws. The Employment Law Guide summarizes DOL's most widely applicable laws.

The guide describes statutes and regulations administered by DOL that affect businesses and workers. Each law has it own chapter organized by the standard discussed, such as wage and hour, health and safety or retirement. Within each chapter, sections describe which employers are covered by a certain statute, the basic requirements of each statute, employee rights, opportunities for compliance assistance, sanctions or penalties for non-compliance and correspondence to other federal, state or local laws. To give users a better understanding of each law, chapters link to the statute discussed as well as to interpretive materials and other regulations.

The guide is written in plain language, not legalese. It focuses on giving employers introductory information to help them develop wage, benefit, safety and health and non-discrimination policies for their businesses. The guide gives information to businesses, particularly new businesses, about which DOL laws most likely affect them. An overview describes the most applicable laws and covers three categories: generally applicable regulations, federal contractor regulations and industry specific regulations. "