Pick Partners Carefully

This excellent article from Jeff Cornwall discusses some of the issues faced by a business founder deciding whether and with whom to partner in starting a business. Some of the questions to ask before "tying the knot" include:

"- Do your share the same vision for the business?
- Do you share the same aspirations for the business? Does one want to build an empire while the other create a simple lifestyle kind of business?
- What are your work habits and work ethic? Are they compatible enough to keep the partnership feeling fair to all the partners?
- How much time off to you plan to take each day, each week, each year?
- How much money will you put into the business?
- How much do you expect to get out of it?
- Who will be the President of the company? What roles will the other friends play?
- How will decisions be made?
- What is everyone's credit rating? Can all help to guarantee a loan, if necessary?
- What if one of you gets married and the new spouse gets a job offer in another city? Would you move away?
- What are your core values and how do you want to see them play out day-to-day in the business?
- How will employees, customers, suppliers, etc. all be treated?
- What will you consider to be real success in this business?"