Software Patenting: Grin and Bear It

"Open-source programmers might not like the idea of software patents, but those critics would be better off adapting to the fact that they're not going away, Hewlett-Packard's top Linux executive said Tuesday.

'At the end of the day, software patents are a way of life. To ignore them is a little bit naive,' Martin Fink, HP's vice president of Linux, said here at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo. It's fine to object to software patents, but it's foolhardy not to try to acquire them, he said.

'Refusing to patent one's ideas is leaving oneself exposed for absolutely no good reason,' Fink said. 'For some, (getting patents) may seem like selling out. You can comfort yourself that it's what you do with the patent that matters, not the fact that you have one.'"

From this ZDNet article.