Battelle - Technology Forecasts

"Technology experts at Battelle think they have 2020 vision. They don't mean perfect eyesight today. They're talking about the ability to see the world of 2020.

A team of top scientists and engineers at Battelle, a world renowned technology organization based in Columbus, Ohio, has compiled a list of the ten most strategic technological trends that will shape business and our world over the next 20 years."

And what do the Battelle experts see?

1. Genetic-based Medical and Health Care
2. High-power energy packages
3. GrinTech (Green Integrated Technology)
4. Omnipresent Computing
5. Nanomachines
6. Personalized Public Transportation
7. Designer Foods and Crops
8. Intelligent Goods and Appliances
9. Worldwide Inexpensive and Safe Water
10. Super Senses

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