Startup Venture Toolbox

A great resource is the Startup Venture Toolbox,created by David Rex.

"The goal of the Toolbox is to provide entrepreneurs with the tools and assistance necessary to help achieve their desired goals as well as to provide a forum for the exploration of entrepreneurial ideas and issues.

The Toolbox is organized in the order that most entrepreneurs follow in taking their ventures from idea to exit.

First, test out the validity of your idea from the investor's point-of-view with the Business Proof of Concept Test.

Then, check out your idea against the world's public databases of intellectual property filings with the Intellectual Property Advisor.

If your idea passes these two tests then create a Business Plan and financial statements with the Business Plan Advisor and the Financial Statement Advisor.

Informational and educational assistance can be found in the Process of Forming a Company, Venture Life Cycle, Articles & Information and Suggested Readings sections.

The Basic Legal Information & Documents section contains certain legal documents and information necessary to get your venture organized, protected and operating..."