Yiddish People

I am fascinated by the Yiddish language, particularly the way some words seem to actually embody what they describe. Consider the following list of Yiddish people. I am sure there are many more.

Baleboost - boss

Bulvan - cement head

Bubba-Myse - liar

Bubbe - grandmother

Bubeleh - (little grandmother) term of endearment

Gonif - thief, crook, swindler

Kaker - old fart

Kibbitzer - wise guy

Macher - a big wheel, the real deal, celebrity

Mamala - baby

Maven - expert

Mensch - a decent, upright, honorable person of good character

Meshuggeneh - crazy, obsessive person

Nebbish - a wimp, nerd, dork

Nudj - little pest

Nudnick - a pest and a bore

Putz - schmuck

Rabbi, Rebbe - teacher, spiritual leader

Shmuck - idiot

Shnook - unassertive patsy; gullible dummy

Shnorrer - a moocher, freeloader, cheapskate

Shmegegge - a no talent, someone who brings nothing to the party

Shlemiel - foolish person, hard-luck type, clumsy person

Shlimazl - unlucky person; born loser

Shlump - drip; party pooper

Shmo - jerk

Yenta - a meddlesome gossip

Zayde - grandfather

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