Life is More

I recently rediscovered notes I took from an article I read in 1997. These ideas still resonate with me and I thought I would share them. If you know the article where I originally found these words, please let me know so I may make proper attribution.

Life is more than a striving for money, power and position. There will never be enough money. Money does not bring satisfaction. Power is fleeting. Position is even less permanent.

Many lawyers are engaged in a frantic chase for the brass ring just out of reach, responding to the siren call of billable hours, revenues origination, selling their lives for money, one hour at a time.

The quality of a lawyer's life is an important element of law practice.

A complaint echoes throughout the land, "The practice of law is no longer a profession. It is a business."

The focus of our practice must be on service to our clients, with monetary reward a by-product of that service. We can not let money become the main goal with service the by-product.

Take responsibility for your present situation and your future. Do not blame others. Focus your efforts on those areas you can truly influence.

Double the time on the job you use your strengths and talents.

Develop a plan to solve a challenge or creating something of value that will be both beyond expectations and of major value to your organization. Clarify with the person to whom you report your mutual expectations of each other.

Double the time you spend listening to others.

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