Watch this Nanotechnology Movie Now

"'Productive Nanosystems: From Molecules to Superproducts,' an animated video, is now available in streaming media format on KurzweilAI.net. The large 80 MB file previously took a long time to download, so access was limited.

Responsible Nanotechnology says about the movie:

"A new 'must-see' short film has been produced using computer animation to assist in visualizing nanosystems and molecular manufacturing. Productive Nanosystems: from Molecules to Superproducts is a collaborative effort of animator and engineer John Burch and pioneer nanotechnologist Dr. K. Eric Drexler, made possible through a challenge grant from Mark Sims and NanoRex.

The four-minute film depicts an animated view of a nanofactory and demonstrates key steps in a process that converts simple molecules into a billion-CPU laptop computer."