Build Your Business using only Open Source

"Excellent pointer on Slashdot on how to build your ENTIRE business on Open Source. You can either read it online in different sections in InfoWorld, or download the whole report in PDF format. Go for it!

Here are the sections:

A buyer's guide to open source
Open source provides low-cost, community-supported alternatives to commercial enterprise apps

Open source business intelligence
Low-cost alternatives to costly reporting tools will arrive soon

Open source business process management
Orchestrating SOA is a heady task, but new projects are stepping up to the plate

Open source content management
The hardest part of choosing a CMS solution is narrowing down the choices

Open source CRM
Manage sales and customer relationships without spending a fortune on software

Open source ERP
The features of free ERP packages vary widely, but some gems can be found

Open source enterprise service bus
Middleware options proliferate, but jumping ship from commercial vendors may be premature

Open source identity
Free tools can give developers a head start on advanced security infrastructure

Open source directory
LDAP servers move closer to becoming commodity items

Open source portals
Competition in the open source Java portal space heats up

Open source point of sale
Free commerce terminals lend flexibility to businesses of all sizes

Open source RFID
Free tag and EPC data management software is in its infancy, but looks promising

Open source VoIP/Telephony
Options abound for PBX applications and interactive voice response

Open source licensing offers many choices
Before you use that code, make sure you understand its terms

For links to the foregoing, visit this Rodrigo A. Sepulveda Schulz post.