Do Patents Protect Small Companies?

"Patents are just negotiating chits in a Big Company Chess Game. You not only need the patents but you need lots and lots of money to play against the 'Big Boys'.

If you don’t have the financial resources to support years and years of patent litigation, then your patents have no teeth and therefore your negotiating chit has no credibility in the eyes of your potential licensees (potential licensee = future violators) of your patents...

A small company with a significant patent in an area deemed of strategic importance to the deep pocketed companies is always of interest but as the CEO of the “little guy” you can’t over-play the hand — unless you have deep pocketed backers — meaning industry players — NOT investors...

When a big company comes knocking, that is your opportunity — but also a warning sign of which you’ll only get one — if you rebuff them, you are headed for trouble..."

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