Business Recordkeeping Primer

"Recordkeeping is one of those things that most beginning entrepreneurs don't even think about. As the need for recordkeeping dawns -- usually as the result of harping by the entrepreneur's accountant, banker, attorney -- a recordkeeping system gradually evolves -- albeit reluctantly...

Good recordkeeping does require time and effort -- but it's also necessary. How much time and effort it requires depends on how you approach it. The fundamental axiom of Quality applies as much to recordkeeping as to every other business process -- it's always easier to do things right the first time.

If you let your recordkeeping evolve haphazardly -- "fixing" it only as "problems" result -- you will find that, over time, you will have put much more time and effort into the process than if you had simply done it "right" at the start."

This series of articles by Ed Zimmer provides some insight into what constitutes "right".