Venture Capital Alternatives

"If you’re struggling to find success in your quest for venture capital, maybe you’re looking in the wrong place. Venture capital is not for everybody... there are plenty of other options available when it comes to finding capital. From angels to credit cards, here are 25 alternatives to consider when it comes to funding your business.

1. Angels
2. Private Placement
3. Initial Public Offering
4. Bootstrap Financing
5. Fund From Operations
6. Licensing
7. Launch Customers
8. Vendor Financing
9. Sweat Equity
10. Self Funding
11. SBA Loans
12. SBIR and STTR Programs
13. State Funding
14. Home Equity Loans
15. Community Banks
16. Microloans
17. Finance Debt
18. Silent Partner
19. Friends
20. Family
21. Form A Strategic Alliance
22. Sell Some Assets
23. Business Lines of Credit
24. Personal Credit Cards
25. Business Credit Cards..."

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