Inc. Magazine Seeks Your Feedback

Inc. magazine is asking for your feedback and vote on your favorite of four startups recently profiled by the Magazine. You can join entrepreneurs--Tim Gill of Quark, Paul Orfalea of Kinko's (NYSE:FDX), Roxanne Quimby of Burt's Bees, and Gordon Segal of Crate and Barrel--to provide the founders (and the rest of us) with your feedback. The four companies:

- A product design start-up (their first hit is a rolling runaway alarm clock) started by Gauri Nanda, our cover subject, a woman from Detroit who just completed her master’s at MIT

- TechShop, a geek’s paradise in Silicon Valley, where you can go to learn how to use welding equipment or a lathe or whatever crazy machinery you want

- Zsweet, a new sugar substitute (forget Splenda) that’s sold through Whole Foods

- A new software company in Oregon called GreenPrint, that cuts down on printer waste

You can find the links to the main feature’s page, as well as individual links to each fresh new founder, below.

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Case Study #4: The Enlightened M.B.A.