Negotiating a Technology Executive Employment Contract

"There are 10 critical areas that executive candidates and software companies should consider negotiable. During negotiations, issues in these areas need to be raised, discussed, and resolved to assure that both parties are being treated fairly...The resulting employment contract should reflect the above-board style and approach of both parties and lay a foundation conducive to getting the best for all concerned."

So states this article by Robert Adelman that offers valuable insights into the executive's perspective versus typical company realities regarding the following topics of negotiation:

1. Signing bonus
2. Meaningful Equity
3. Tax-favored Equity
4. Relocation Assistance
5. Position, Duties, Support
6. Expense Payments
7. Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements
8. Term/Termination
9. Reasonable Severance
10. Good Vibrations