Competitive Advantage Interactive Workshop

SCORE "Counselors to America's Small Business" offers this fun and informative interactive workshop on Creating a Competitive Advantage that is well worth a look.

Included in the presentations are a series of competitive advantage worksheets that provide useful questions and suggestions including the following:

"The following questions are designed to help you determine whether you have an identifiable competitive edge and whether you are currently capitalizing on it:

1. Have I clearly defined my company and my target market?

2. Who are my competitors?

3. What is my company's specific strategy for success?

4. Do I regularly track my competitors' moves?...?

9. Does my company possess a uniqueness that easily separates it from my competitors? What, specifically, is it?...

16. What trends do I see for my industry in the future? Is my company – and my product mix – aligned with those trends?...

Ask yourself the following questions about your product or service:

1. Does my product perform?

2. Is it durable?

3. Is it reliable?

4. Is it fairly priced?

5. Does it consistently live up to its reputation?

6. Am I known in my industry for producing quality goods/services?

7. Does my product have brand recognition?

8. Can I create ways to ensure that my product/service is in demand?

9. Is my product a trendsetter?

10. Can I think of innovative ways to encourage more people to buy my product?

11. Can I market companion products/services?

Marketing Strategies

In devising your plan, keep in mind the following:

Ask yourself what the primary goal of your marketing strategy will be: Increased sales? Better brand-name recognition? A public relations effort?

Remember to whom you are selling and keep your message targeted

Focus on your product's or service's benefits rather than features

Don't be afraid to tout your successes

Be sure your plan is attainable

Perform a detailed market analysis (obtain pertinent demographic facts, figures and other relevant data) before you put your plan into action

Have a back-up strategy in mind, especially if your primary one is risky..."

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