Friends, Family, Fools, Banks, VCs, Angels & Everything: How to Finance a Startup

This is a great collection of articles on how to finance your startup from entrepreneur.com. A quick glance at the article titles gives an idea of the depth and breadth of the topics covered:

How to Attract VC Investors
Capital Gains
Little-Known Funding Faux Pas
Guide and Seek
What Bankers Look For in a Plan
What Investors Look For in a Plan
Making Bank
Do You Need Excellent Credit to Start a Business?
The Other Colors of Money
Dipping Into Your Retirement Fund to Start a Business
Getting Funding for Your Growing Business
Dividing Equity Between Founders and Investors
Truth & Consequences
The Search Is On
Starting a Business in an Urban Market
Out on a Limb
Plastic Rap
Bootstrapping Your Startup
How to Set Starting Salaries
Personal Loan Guarantees
A Penny Saved
Using Home Equity to Get a Business Loan
Granting Your Wishes
Been There, Done That
Can Startups Get Venture Capital?
Under the Microscope
Can I Take Your Orders?
Using Personal Assets for Funding
Startup Financing
Develop Your Idea With Pre-Launch Funding
Minority Loan and Grant Programs
Playing an Angel
Springing Back
Microloans Could Fuel Macro Results
Keep Your Banker Informed
The Anatomy of a Financing Deal
Bringing In a Partner
Loans Fuel Growth for Small Companies
Write Soon
How Cutting Costs Can Save Your Business
Understanding the Financing Stages
Learn by Pitching
Using Credit Cards to Finance Your Startup
Going Once, Going Twice Sold!
No Money? No Problem
Keep It Real
Give A Little, Get A Little
What Women Want
Enticing Investors
Got Cash?
On The Money
Read The Fine Print
Gaining Interest
Money for Ownership?
A League Of Their Own
Determining Returns On Investments
Building Business Relationships
Look 'Em in the Eyes
Get Rid of Debt
A Question Of Character
"C" Your Way Through It
Need Money? Look Here.
Your Butt on the Line
Money-Saving Tips
First Line Of Financing
What About Me?
Secret To My Financing
Where the Funds Are
21 Quick Start-Up Fixes

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