The Web 2.0 List

From this VentureBlog post:

"About a month ago, Baris Karadogan, a Venture Capitalist at USVP, posted this incredible list of Web 2.0 Companies on his blog From Istanbul to Sand Hill Road. While the list is massive, I doubt the list was comprehensive the day it was posted and it certainly is no longer complete seeing as a whole month has passed since the creation of the list. Web 2.0 months are a little bit like dog years. Companies have formed, companies have gotten funded, companies have merged, and that was just yesterday. Imagine what tomorrow will bring.

To give you a sense of the interesting challenge venture capitalists face when investing in new media companies today, one need look no further than this list itself. At August Capital, we have funded 4 of the companies on the list: LiveJournal, Technorati, Trumba, and VideoEgg. Considering only those companies that made the list, on average, our four portfolio companies face 33 -- yes, that's right, 33 -- competitors in their respective verticals. That is mind blowing. And this list does not even include Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, IAC, Fox, Vivendi, Ebay and Amazon, all of which are likely competitors of each and every company on the Web 2.0 list. As the venture community continues to look at Web 2.0 companies in the coming months and years, this list is an invaluable piece of perspective .

For an eye opening experience, take a gander at Baris's Web 2.0 list..."