Personalities Affect Negotiation Styles

"Not everyone negotiates from the same point of view. People have different stakes in a negotiation. Determine what issues concern the other party the most. Also, know what your style is like so you can best prepare to negotiate a win-win situation.

The following are the four major personality styles, and how to recognize these types:

1. Connecters: This type is down to earth, friendly and very people oriented...When dealing with this type, be open, honest, and start with some small talk...

2. Networkers:...The more they like and trust you, the more flexible they will be...They want to see the big picture-so hit on your key points first, and then bundle your small points together...

3. Producers:...These people tend to shoot straight and not mince words...Producers look for the best possible deal and pride themselves on their ability to get what they want...These people love the thrill of the negotiation, and you will disappoint them if you cannot present a compromise.

4. Analyzers: This type may...may remain more non-emotional during a negotiation....The best way to handle analyzers? Give them the facts... Analyzers require space in order to make a decision, and accuracy is most important to them."

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