Strategic Planning FAQs

" 1. What is strategic planning?
2. What are the key concepts and definitions in strategic planning?
3. What are the basic steps in a strategic planning process?
4. What do I need to know before I start the planning process?
5. What are the individual roles in a planning process?
6. What's in a mission statement?
7. What's in a vision statement?
8. What is a situation assessment?
9. How can we do a competitive analysis?
10. What is a strategy and how do we develop one?
11. What should a strategic plan include?
12. How do you develop an annual operating plan?
13. How do we increase our chances of implementing our strategic plan?
14. Should I use an external consultant?
15. How do I use retreats in the planning process?"

Answers may be found in this article from Alliance for Nonprofit Management: Strategic Planning.