Squidoo Lens Becoming Popular

The Squidoo lens on How to Buy a Business that I created and told you about earlier has become popular. My lens started out ranked as 400 thousand something and is now at 175 after peaking at about 150. As another avenue to try to establish yourself as an expert on a topic, I would encourage other bloggers and blawgers to create additional lenses. Here is the lead in to the How to Buy a Business lens:

"If you have decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge, buying an existing business may be the best and fastest way to dive in. Lil Sawyer, Managing Director of Funding Links Inc. has identified the following as the advantages of business acquisition vs start-up:

1) Much lower risk of failure,
2) Business generates cash flow from day one (preferably positive cash),
3) Proven business concept and processes,
4) Proven products, services, marketing and sales strategies,
5) Established customer base providing referrals and references,
6) Established suppliers,
7) Trained employees in place,
8) Immediate credibility and perception of success,
9) Seller likely to lend support and may assist with financing,
10) Easier to secure affordable financing to complete the acquisition.

This lens outlines a ten step process by which you can buy a business and start swimming in entrepreneurial waters."

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