Data Protection Basics

"There are certain privacy and security rules that every business or organization should live by:

· Identify the sensitive information collected from customers...Keep this data only as long as needed. Block access or truncate display of it for anyone without a specific need to see it. Make your employees aware of what is sensitive.

· Data in transit are data at risk. Send only the data needed by the recipient. Truncate or encrypt all sensitive information. Establish appropriate data retention and destruction requirements...

· Screen all employees with access to sensitive information. Allow access only to what an employee needs to do his job. Monitor employee access to customer information...

· Include security requirements in every vendor contract. Interview your vendors’ security employees. Read the privacy policy of your vendors. Understand the legal requirements for offshore vendors.

· Overreact if you have a security breach...Hoping the problem goes away only ensures that it gets bigger.

· Learn from the marketplace. Don’t make commitments you can’t live up to...If your security practices aren’t changing, you aren’t keeping up with new risks..."

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