Beware of Unbalanced Values in Your Life

"Every value has a corresponding fear. The stronger the value, the stronger the fear will be...Achievement is a good example. It’s a value, of course, and a powerful value for many successful people. They’ve built their lives on it. They achieve at everything they do: school, sports, the arts, hobbies, work. Each fresh achievement adds to the power of the value in their lives.

Gradually, failure becomes unthinkable...It becomes the supreme nightmare: a frightful horror they must avoid at any cost. The simplest way to avoid failure is never to take a risk. Stick rigidly to what you know you can do. Protect your butt. Work the longest hours. Double and triple check everything. Be the most conscientious and conservative person in the universe...

Beware when any value—however benign in itself—becomes too powerful...Over-achievers destroy their lives and the lives of those who work for them. People too attached to “goodness” and morality become self-righteous bigots...

Balance counts for more than you think. Some tartness must season the sweetest dish. A little selfishness is valuable even in the most caring person. And a little failure is essential to preserve everyone’s perspective on success. Are you a positive person? Maybe you need to cherish the negative parts too."

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