The New Rules for Rock Stars

"Here are the new rules to make it in the [music] business:

"The future is DIY. Learn how to use affordable tools, but remember... software won't solve all of your problems... create awareness... don't underestimate the power of giving away your music for free...

"Fans are the new record label. The business now all depends on the relationship between an artist and their fans, most importantly the uber fans, the ones who buy all the merchandise, go to all the shows, and spread the word about their favorite bands.

"The key to staying in touch with your fans is through e-mail... Have a sign-up sheet at every show. Have your audience text their e-mails to a road manager's cell at the end of every show and promise to personally stay in touch... Build an online community by blasting out webcasts, photoshoots, interviews, and even live streaming concerts. Engage with fans in a meaningful way, nothing forced or fake...

"Build a management team to take care of the tools, marketing, and technology. If you're just starting out, enlist a college music lover to build your brand. Sign any deal as long as it's short-term if it's going to get you noticed. Otherwise you're not going to be on the radar.

"Start local, start tribal... Connect with similar bands doing similar music and go on tour with them. Build your own scene and work to break through together..."

Read more in this walletpop.com article from which the preceding was quoted.