A Story of Strength, Triumph and Oats

Defense wins championships, but the offenses stepped up when it counted in last night's Super Bowl. When Fitzgerald scored the go-ahead touchdown, I was drained, deflated, yet hopeful.

Somehow, the Steelers have become a team that can mount a charge from behind in the final minutes of a game and win. All the same, I was sweating, "Is this one for Warner? Can the Steelers do it again?"

Mom couldn't take it. Dad said she had to go upstairs and stop watching the game after Fitz scored. I know exactly how she felt. It was a bit too exciting, a little too heart wrenching.

But how 'bout that Ben Roethlisberger? Mr. Clutch. And Santonio Holmes becoming a man right before your eyes on the big stage.

And how about that James Harrison? If that six pick was not the best play in Super Bowl history, I don't know what was. I was exhausted and exhilarated after he scored. What a game.