Free Online Entrepreneurship Courses

"Approximately 10 million entrepreneurs think about starting a business in the U.S. every year. Only 3 million of them actually do it. Be one of the 3 million with these free online business entrepreneurship courses.

1. MIT- Sloan School of Management (mit.edu)
Global Entrepreneurship Lab
Entrepreneurial Finance
Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager
Developmental Entrepreneurship
Introduction to Marketing

2. Carnegie Mellon (cmu.edu)
Entrepreneurship and Business Planning Course
Entrepreneurship and Business Planning Course - Audio Version

3. U.S. Small Business Administration (sba.gov)
Staring a Business - Series of Courses

4. Trump University (trumpuniversity.com)
Write a Business Plan - Mini Course
Find Start-Up Funding - Mini Course

5. Business Week (bwcourses.com)
Fire Your Boss: Start Your Own Business
Start-Up Basics for the First-Time Entrepreneur
Raising Capital for Your Small Business

6. Kutztown University - Small Business Development Center (kutztownsbdc.org)
Accounting Courses
Business Plan Workshops
Leadership and Management Development Courses

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) of Kutztown University has one of the largest collections of free business entrepreneurship courses on the web. Topics range from accounting and finance to leadership and management; courses take between 30 minutes and three hours to complete.

7. My Own Business (myownbusiness.com)
How to Start Your Own Business"

For live links to the course materials, go to this educational-portal.com website.