How Do You Measure Up as a CEO?

"(rate performance on a 1-5 scale, 1 being least favorable and 5 being most favorabl...):

"Vision: Creates vision and strategy. Communicates vision and strategy both internally and externally.

"Leadership: Ensures the support and execution of the vision and strategy by:

"Establishment and communication of priorities;

Driving change for improvement throughout the organization;
Team-building; and
Creation of high performance environment.

"Operating Management: Develops and executes sound long-term and annual business plans in support of approved strategy. Manages operations and resources efficiently and effectively.

"Values and Integrity: Maintains consistent values and exemplary conduct. Promotes positive corporate culture to reflect corporate mission statement.

"Shareholder/Investor/Financial Community: Serves as chief spokesperson, communicating effectively with shareholders and stakeholders. Is well regarded and respected by investment and financial community.

"Strategic Partners: Maintains personal rapport with strategic partners through open, ongoing communications

"Human Resources: Ensures the development of effective employee recruitment, training, and plans and programs to provide and motivate the human resources necessary to achieve objectives.

"Public Relations: Ensures that the company and its operating units contribute appropriately to the well being of their communities and industries. Represents the company in community and industry affairs.

"Board Relations: Works effectively with the Board of Directors to keep them fully informed on all important aspects of the status and development of the Company. Facilitates the Board's governance, compositions, and committee structure. Implements Board policies and recommends policies for Board consideration. Supports a relationship characterized by trust, mutual respect, open communication and responsiveness to feedback. Uses Board meetings effectively.

"Financial Results: Financial Results – Establishes appropriate annual and long-term financial objectives and manages to consistently achieve these goals; ensures that appropriate systems are maintained to protect assets and maintain effective control of operations."

From this Seth Levine post.