Happy Thanksgiving

Gracious God, grant that I may be the best that I can be.

Forgive me for hiding who I really am, what I truly believe, and what I dream you want me to do. Forgive me for too often trying to shine as I imagine others think I should, rather than as I prayerfully discern you would have me. Forgive me for not using the gifts that you have given me, for not running with the interests and abilities that by your design light me up.

By your grace, may I experience the joy of living a life that is faithful to you and your purpose. When Jesus walked the life-demanding, life-giving path to Calvary, many voices with many motivations, ranging from love to mockery, cried out for him to go another way. Yet, thankfully, and to our eternal blessing, Jesus listened to your voice and was obedient to you. Grant that like him, I may hear you in the midst of the mayhem. Grant that like Jesus, I may live the life you have graciously given me to live.

Give me ears to hear you as you speak through the scriptures, your church, and those around me. Give me the faith, and help me to take the time to listen as you speak in the quiet recesses of my heart, as well.

You are the one who lit the fire of my life with your love. Place me where you want me to be. Position and reposition me according to your will. Trim me as you would a wick, though it may be painful, that I may shine as you want me to.

Even as I wait for you to complete your good work in me, infuse me now with the faith and courage to shine with your light today. By your grace and to your glory, right now, right here, right where you have placed me, may I shine as the person you have created me to be.


from Evangelical Covenant Church.