Avoid These Negotiating Mistakes

"Negotiation is a difficult art as it requires managing, in real-time, both the other person's mind and your own. Here are a number of mistakes that negotiators can make...

*Accepting positions: Assuming the other person won't change their position.
*Accepting statements: Assuming what the other person says is wholly true.
*Hurrying: Negotiating in haste (and repenting at leisure).
*Hurting the relationship: Getting what you want but making an enemy.
*Issue fixation: Getting stuck on one issue and missing greater possibilities.
*Missing strengths: Not realizing the strengths that you actually have.
*Misunderstanding authority: Assuming that authority and power are synonymous.
*Misunderstanding power: Thinking one person has all the power.
*One solution: Thinking there is only one possible solution.
*Over-wanting: Wanting something too much.
*Squeezing too much: Trying to gain every last advantage.
*Talking too much: Not gaining the power of information from others.
*Win-lose: Assuming a fixed-pie, win-lose scenario."

Read more, including steps you can take to avoid making the foregoing mistakes in this webpage from ChangingMinds.org.

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