Franchises Offer Startup Advantages

"Franchises are based on the belief that an already-successful business operation can be duplicated. The classic franchise pitch is: 'We have a business system, concept and product line that is tried and tested. If you run the business according to our proven system, you will be successful.' The franchise delivers a product line (or line of services) that has already distinguished itself from its competition.

The franchise has already determined the appropriate marketing and management structure to deliver the product into your community.
The franchiser has also determined the requirements for success and has ascertained that you can deliver the investment necessary for success. By the time your franchise opens, many of the uncertainties of business start-ups have been eliminated.

You have enough capital. You have a successful business plan. Your product has demonstrated acceptance in the market and you have a proven marketing strategy. If you stumble along the way, you have management support to help you identify the problem and make appropriate corrections. "

From this franchisetrade.com article.